MUM Ellee Styles has been reunited with the paramedics who helped deliver her baby on her bathroom floor.

The 21-year-old and her son Freddy met Gary Ratcliffe and Christina Clifford six months after the unexpected home birth.

“They were absolutely amazing,” said Ellee. “You don’t actually realise what they do until you’re in that sort of situation.”

Ellee went into labour with her first child almost two weeks ahead of the due date, during the early hours of April 7.

“It was pretty scary,’ said Ellee. “I just think now, thank god I don’t live on my own.”

At 1.30am Ellee couldn’t sleep after coming home from a shift at the local pub, The Deers Leap, where she works as a barmaid.

“I was in quite a lot of discomfort but just thought I needed the toilet,” said Ellee.

“I was in there quite a while and my brother ended up asking if I was alright. I just said I was really constipated and could he get me some paracetamol,” she added.

While in the bathroom Ellee realised she was bleeding and her mum called 999.

“I didn’t actually believe I was in labour until the blood came,” said Ellee.

“Not knowing what to do with the cord and stuff, that was quite frightening,” she added.

Ellee, from Penhill, had been sent home from hospital on the previous day after a false alarm.

“I’d gone to help out with my cousin’s 40th birthday party. And when I got there I had a cup of tea and thought I felt my waters go, but I had no pain,” said Ellee.

“Mum took me to the GWH but the doctor said the baby was still too far up and my waters hadn’t broken, so they discharged me,” she said.

Gerard Plunkett, a 999 call handler, helped the family prepare for the birth while they waited for the paramedics.

Gary and Christina arrived as Freddy’s head appeared. “When we arrived at the incident, the situation was fairly manic,” said Gary. “Our first job was to calm down worried family members so we could treat Ellee,” he added.

“I think I put Gary put on the spot a bit,” added Ellee.

“When he arrived he was like ‘nothing is happening so we’re going to get you onto the ambulance’. And I said ‘no you’re not’, because I could feel how low the baby was. And then he looked and said ‘no we’re not’.”

The paramedics had to take the bathroom door off, so they could assist Ellee inside.

Ellee was meant to have two birthing partners but ended up with her aunty, her sister in law, her mum and the two paramedics all in her bathroom, with the rest of her family downstairs, including her dad and brother.

“I mean really, I should have sold tickets!” said Elle.

The crew delivered Freddy at 3.14am, weighing 4lb 12oz.

“Seeing Freddy for the first time, it was just something you can never explain. We waited so long for him and when he was finally here it was just amazing,” said Ellee.

The pair were taken to the Great Western Hospital’s maternity unit to be checked over. At first Freddy had trouble keeping his temperature up and they stayed over night, with Freddy in a hot cot.

“After the birth I was just really tired and wanted to sleep. I didn’t have much time to thank the paramedics and I didn’t think I would see them again. So it was really nice to get this opportunity,” said Ellee.

Gary added: “Being reunited with mum and baby Freddy was fantastic.

“We experience highs and lows in our work. It’s always a pleasure to bring life into the world.”