Volunteers and staff from charities and groups gave a positive response to the launch of the Swindon Community lottery.

After asking questions of Gatherwell boss Ben Speare, council officers and Councillor Keith Williams, they mingled and chatted over refreshments.

Jo Sharpe, the chair of Swindon and Wiltshire Pride, and the group’s grants manager John Edwards were keen.

Jo said: “It looks like a good thing for Swindon.

"I think having a regular income that you know is going to be coming in will make a difference.”

John added: “It’s the local aspect as well.

"This is raising money for local groups here in Swindon and Wiltshire. That’s very important.”

Theresa Williams in the volunteer fundraiser for the Swindon and North Wiltshire branch of national charity the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

She said: “I can’t say that we’d be signing up right now, but it’s very positive.

“The ease of it. All you have to do is create a page on the site, then you can market it and direct supporters to your page. It raises awareness, just being on the website, even if someone buys a ticket for another group, you’re there.”