SNDog’s abused Spanish ex-hunting dog has finally found her forever home.

Princess Opal has been adopted into a family in Old Town.

The five year-old hound was rescued from Spain at the end of June and had little interest in her since she came to the charity.

Opal has large narrow scars on the back of her head, suspected to have come from an attempt to hang her when no longer seen as a useful hunting dog.

But now the pooch is living with a family with teenagers, alongside another dog called Buddy whom she enjoys snoozing on the sofa with.

Her new family said: “Opal is such a sweetie. She is still very frightened of the world but gradually she is relaxing and enjoying her new life.”

A spokesperson for SNDogs said: "We are all so happy for Opal. She has gone through some terrible experiences in her life but has now finally found a most amazing family who will care for her."