WILTSHIRE farmland has been used to send a message to PM Boris Johnson about Brexit.

Emblazoned on a field somewhere in Wiltshire the message ‘Britain now wants to remain’ has been created by a tractor in the land.

The video has been seen on social media 140k times.

A video showing the tractor at work has been posted on Twitter by the group Led By Donkeys, the team behind a series of billboards that have sprung up over recent months showing a selection of declarations and tweets by Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, and other politicians about Brexit.

In a video taken by a drone, the group say a You Gov analysis of 300 polls say that the majority of Britons would now vote to remain in the EU.

While the tractor travels over the field, the voice of Lisa Dodd, who voted leave in the referendum in 2016, speaks.

She said: "I voted leave because of the NHS I just can't believe I fell for it manipulated wasn’t I, well and truly. I wander how many more. People say to me about the 17.4m voted for this and that’s what they want, I’m one of those 17.4m and that is not what I want, that is not what I voted for. I want my vote back, I’ve had my vote stolen, I want it back.”

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