A mum has spoken of her shock after her son was knocked down by a hit and run driver.

Dylan Mason had a lucky escape when he was hit by car as he ran across Cranmore Avenue at 5pm on Wednesday.

The impact spun the eight-year-old round and his shoes flew off, but he only suffered minor injuries to his head and legs. The car failed to stop.

“It was just the scariest thing to go through,” said his mum Kayleigh Mason.

“I just don’t know how they could have done this.

“They must have no conscience to not stop and check how a child is when you’ve hit them.”

The Oak Tree Primary pupil was with his older brother Ryan, 10, and had gone to meet a friend at Ripon Way Park after school.

They were intending to meet their mum on their way home. But they decided to head for the local shop instead.

The accident happened when Dylan spotted a friend and ran across the road to see him without looking both ways.

“I got a phone call from Ryan saying Dylan had been hit by a car and I just threw the phone down and ran out of the door.”

By the time she reached her son, the ambulance and police were already on the scene.

“It was awful to see him on a stretcher with his head strapped down. It was just horrible, absolutely heartbreaking to go through,” Kayleigh added.

The crash happened near where Wolsely Avenue joins Cranmore Avenue.

Dylan was hit so hard he spun round and he lost his shoes in the process. “It was really scary,” he said.

“I don’t really know what happened, I just didn’t see the car.”

The boy was taken to hospital to be checked over where it was discovered that he had only suffered minor injuries.

“He’s got bruising on his legs and a very stiff neck. He’s also suffering from shock,” added his mum.

“I’m just so relieved it was not worse.

"We’re just very lucky the situation wasn’t very different.

Dylan said the driver stopped for a second before driving off.

“I genuinely think it was just one of those things. A genuine accident.

"But I just don’t understand how they couldn’t stop,” said Kayleigh, from Park South.

The driver has since made contact with the police and inquiries are continuing.