ABBEY Park students have been getting their hands dirty with an environmental project.

The MELT project is organised by the Institute for Research in Schools – an organisation working with students and teachers on science and technology.

Year 11 and 12 students worked to offset the school’s carbon footprint by planting trees.

Chief executive of IRIS Steve Greenwood said: “The effects of climate change can be catastrophic. We know that school students are concerned about their environment and MELT is allowing them to genuinely make a difference to the world around them.

“The students from Abbey Park have become scientists and are leading the way in offsetting the carbon impact of their entire school body.”

Carbon Footprint Ltd donated 30 cherry trees to the school at Redhouse Way but its students only planted one. This is because they wanted to take the time to properly plan the planting design to create the best environmental and visual impact.

The students used a carbon calculator to work out the school’s carbon footprint.

It helped to calculate the number of trees it would need to reduce its impact on the planet and they discovered they would need four trees.

Swindon Borough Councillor Vinay Manro, of Priory Vale ward, said: I was happy to assist the students in planting, and I look forward to seeing these trees grow into mature blossoming trees that will contribute towards carbon neutrality and leave a legacy for years to come.”