NO ONE who received a parking ticket on Wood Street on Sunday will have to pay it, the council said.

The borough blamed parking wardens who were new to the game for Sunday's bungle. At least five cars were ticketed after wardens visited the Old Town street at lunchtime.

It sparked anger from business owners and drivers, who claimed that signs on the street clearly said there were no parking restrictions in place on Sundays.

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Manni Madhani, a director at Bardolino’s restaurant, said: “The town is suffering and now the traffic wardens have ventured here to ruin Old Town."

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman said: “We are always happy to hold our hands up when we’ve made a mistake and this is one of those occasions. However, it would be fair to say there is a certain amount of ambiguity regarding the Sunday rules for vehicles in Wood Street.

“Our parking enforcement officers, who are fairly new to the job, felt the rules on the sign which state that vehicles cannot use Wood Street on Sundays trumped the sign which said there are no parking restrictions.

“Clearly this needs to be resolved so there can be no confusion for either motorists or our staff in the future. The sign at the entrance to Wood Street and the accompanying Traffic Regulation Order is correct in that no vehicles are permitted to enter Wood Street on Sundays.

“This was introduced when the Wood Street market took place every Sunday. Now the market takes place periodically, which is why a restriction is still needed on certain days. Our highways team will look to alter the order to make it fit for purpose.

“Our parking services team has cancelled all the notices for those cars that were incorrectly ticketed and we are in the process of contacting the one vehicle owner who has already paid to arrange a refund.”