He has a quirky head tilt and a scar on his neck thought to have been caused by a dog attack.

But tiny Peanut the 18-month-old Chiuahua is on the hunt for a new forever home with the help of SNDogs.

“His head tilt is a neurological issue,” said Hayley Hunt, who is currently fostering the mini pooch at her home in Old Town.

“We don’t know what’s caused it, but it’s possible it is from another dog.

“The vet doesn’t think it will get better, but it doesn’t seem to cause him any problems,” she added.

Peanut is still able to run up and down stairs and is fine playing with his toys and doing all the things other dogs enjoy.

“He loves playing with balls,” added Hayley.

“He will chase them for ages. He loves going for walks and playing with his toys and teddy bears.”

Peanut is generally well behaved but is still learning.

“When he’s on the lead he can think he’s a rottweiler, barking at everything,” said Hayley.

“But then he can be quite timid with me sometimes, and just go flat on floor when I go to pick him up.”

Peanut is also still scent marks occasionally in the house, though he has been neutered.

“He just needs an owner who has had lots of experience with dogs, and who can socialise him and give him loads and loads of love,” Hayley added.

Peanut is best suited to a home with older children, and gets on well with Hayley’s three teenagers.

She continued: “Any new owner will have a best friend for life.

“They’ll never be lonely, he loves being one to one with you, having a cuddle.

“He’s still young enough to train and make someone their own dog, and once they meet Peanut, a potential new owner will be able to see how playful he is. He is so adorable, I’ve been so tempted to keep him myself,” she added.

SNDogs runs a foster organisation based in Pinehurst, where homeless and rescued dogs are looked after in a network of volunteer homes.

It asks for a £200 donation for each dog adopted, to help it cover the cost of previous care.