LEFT on the shelf because of his epilepsy, Roary, the seven-year-old terrier cross who was rescued from Spain is in search of a soulmate.

He has been in the care of SNDogs since he was brought over in July.

“He is an absolutely lovely little soul who is just craving love and has a lot of love to give,” said trustee and volunteer Clare Fantini-Stephens.

“I think he’s been put on the shelf for a while because of his epilepsy. It puts people off which is a shame for him because he is just a lovely little dog.”

Roary currently requires special medication which must be administered as soon as a fit starts.

“However the vets are currently in the process of adjusting his medication to try and prevent the fits altogether, so this may not be something that will be a long term issue for him,” said Clare.

But until sorted it is something a new owner will need to be able to manage.

As a result Roary will need to be rehomed where there is someone with him all the time.

“He will need to be in a home where there is always someone around, who will be able to administer the medication as soon as a fit comes on,” added Clare.

“Perhaps either an older person or where a couple work split shifts – so one is out during the day and the other is out during the night,” she suggested.

“He will have to be able to sleep upstairs in their bedroom because they’ve got to have the medication on hand if there is a seizure,” added Clare.

“You have to take his medication with you wherever you go with him, just in case. It’s like a little epipen which has to be administered,” she said.

Roary is fully house trained and gets on well with children as well as cats.

“Roary is very playful,” said Clare. “You wouldn’t think he was seven years old where play is concerned.

“Anything is a favourite toy. He loves to play tug, he will run round after you, he loves to play chase and ruff and tumble with the other dogs he lives with,” she added.

“He deserves a loving forever home like any other dog.”

Visit sndogs.uk or email sndrescue@gmail.com for details.