The UK will go to the polls for a general election on December 12 after parliament agreed the move on Tuesday..

Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Daniel Adams: Labour had to be shamed by the SNP and the Lib Dems to agree to it. How embarrassing for Labour.

Kit Jones: The Tories can’t even control their own party well enough to win a decent amount of votes in parliament. How embarrassing for the Tories.

Elspeth Hughes: I cannot bring myself to vote for any other party. Who would you vote for?

Daniel Wells: Brexit Party is a wasted vote, they won’t get a majority. Either vote labour or conservative.

Alan Walklett: Brexit Party! Then after that I’m never voting again if they shaft us like everyone else.

Tony Hawkridge: Good thing about democracy, if you have a vote and don’t like the results, you can ignore it.

Dean Kershaw-Evans: Come on Boris... let’s get Brexit done...and keep Labour and Lib Dems out of Downing Street.

Graham Higgins: I don’t get in a working class town how and why you would vote for the liars and cheats that is the Conservative Party?

Emma Beckett: I won’t be voting, I voted before and what I voted for hasn’t been carried out so there is no point! I will have more important things to be doing at Christmas!

Jozef Kordula: Fingers crossed this town grows a brain and boots the Tories out.

Amy Smith-Williams: Why is everyone saying Brexit Party? You might as well throw your vote out the window.To make any difference, vote for one of the majorities like Labour or Conservative.

David Owen: I voted before and it was ignored so what’s the point in this. Democracy in this country is dead. All MPs should now resign and sign on.

Sue Venn: All these people saying they won’t vote because the last time they did etc. That is what Corbyn wants so that he can get all his little college kids to vote for him.

Debbie Knights: I do wonder how many people will vote following the appalling behaviour of our MPs.

Ben Fiocca: I’ve been a Tory voter all my life. I will be holding my nose and voting Labour this time. 10 years the Tories have been in now and they have gone way too far not only on Brexit, but cutting our services to the bone.

Jayne Arkle: I won’t be voting again as the only votes counted are the ones they want. This country is ruled by the rich and the liars!

Mark Keylock: No vote, no voice! You start spouting off after the election then you have no right to be listened to!

Ryan Jacobsz: I’ll not be playing into these Remainer MPs’ hands by staying at home or voting Brexit Party. I’ll be voting Boris. He’s been blocked at every turn.

Myla Collings: I want to vote for the Queen, I’m sure she would do a better job.

Bronwen Potts: Is the Monster Raving Loony Party still on the go? If so, they’ll get my vote.

They have far more brain cells than than the pathetic childish shower in the current government, opposition and all the rest of parliament.