The deadline to register to vote in the December 12 general election is just 24 days away, at midnight on Tuesday, November 26.

The deadline for new postal vote applications, or changes to existing postal votes, is likely to be 5pm on the same day.

To allow someone to vote on your behalf – a proxy vote – apply by 5pm on Wednesday, December 4. If you want an emergency proxy vote in case of sudden illness, you can apply up to 5pm on polling day itself.

Those who have never voted, have moved recently, or have just turned 18, or will do so between now and December 12 need to register to be able to take part in the election.

It takes just a few minutes to do so at You will need your National Insurance number to hand.

You can check if you’re already registered, or get help to do so by calling Swindon Borough Council on 01793 464601.