SWINDON goes to the polls in a matter of weeks and these are the Parliamentary candidates who will be vying for your vote.

Not every candidate has been declared yet but these are the ones we know of so far.

Swindon has been a Conservative town since 2005 but there are a small group of opponents hoping to end that 14-year trend.

In North Swindon, MP Justin Tomlinson wants to retain his place in the House of Commons as minister for disabled people. In 2017, he polled 29,431 with Labour second with 21,096.

He said: “I am proud to represent my fellow local residents in Parliament and as with all my elections, I will fight a positive campaign to try and earn the right to carry on as MP.

“I am hardworking, visible and active, championing our town to help deliver new jobs and securing additional funding for new school and facilities at GWH.

“Nothing can be taken for granted in any election but I have shown I am a strong and constructive voice for our fantastic town.”

Labour candidate Kate Linnegar will be among the challengers attempting to beat him in her first campaign.

She said: “I’ve been knocking on doors all summer, it’s one of my favourite parts of the job. Not only do residents tell me about their issues but also offer fantastic ideas.

"I’m really glad the election’s been called because we need to oust this government, protect the NHS and build more council houses.”

In the South Swindon seat, Robert Buckland MP currently juggles responsibilities as Lord Chancellor and justice secretary. In 2017, he got 24,809 votes with Labour a close second with 22,345.

He said: “This will be my fifth election in Swindon and I never take anything for granted.

“The next six weeks will be a hard slog but I hope I will be rewarded with the trust of the constituents. I want to be able to continue the work I’ve been doing in bringing about improvements to Swindon.

“I don’t think the public are blaming Boris Johnson that we haven’t left the EU. People realise that we need an election to sort Brexit out and allow us to move on and deal with things like health and education.”

Labour’s candidate for the area Sarah Church said: “It doesn’t matter how well-established somebody thinks they are or what job they have in government, people want good hard-working MPs.

“We are a government-in-waiting with the full suite of policies across all areas. People vote for different reasons but if they take the time to look at our policies, they’ll have great reasons for voting Labour.

The Brexit Party’s South Swindon candidate Justin Stares said: “I’ll be the only candidate in these elections willing to stand up for the clear instruction of the people: to leave the European Union.

“I believe that victory is possible. These are exceptional times and anything can happen.”

The Liberal Democrats’ Swindon candidates will be announced later this week.