MOTHERCARE will be missed by Swindon shoppers when it shuts its doors at Greenbridge for the last time.

But many who shared their views on the Adver's Facebook page felt the retailer's demise was inevitable, saying online alternatives offer better value for money goods for babies and children.

The Swindon branch is one of 79 across the UK which will close in the coming weeks after Mothercare appointed administrators on Tuesday night. Around 2,500 jobs at risk.

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Here's what you told us on Facebook:

Lisa O'Sullivan: "This is really sad news and my heart goes out to all the staff who will carry on working to close these stores down. As an ex-employee, I worked with a lovely team and yes like all retailers Mothercare didn’t always get it right but they helped a lot of new parents over a lot of years.

"When you are all bargain hunting in the store you never went to or supported before, please show empathy and consideration to the staff

"Sometimes it’s not until something has gone that we realise its worth and value."

Frankie New: "A shame, Mothercare has been at Greenbridge for as long as I can remember. A bigger shame for the staff, this side of Christmas. I, however, have never found the service great there and have always been able to find things cheaper than there, so it's not a surprise."

Maria Phillips: "I love this shop. I got my children’s prams from there, and have bought things for my granddaughter. I don’t think they are that expensive and even bought wellies this week, really good ones for £11 and that is roughly what they were in other shops.

"Where would mums go now to actually see prams, costs etc before buying?"

Emma Cuthbert: "With my son, we have to try out pushchairs, prams, car seats and high chairs before buying as he needs adequate support for his back and for a highchair to have a tray close enough for him to reach as he has short arms. Such a shame and I feel sorry for the staff."

Tina Mottram: "I think this is awful. Where do people go for quality baby clothes? You pay for what you get. All of their things last for years. Is anyone worried what this town is going to be left with?"

Kia Hilliard: "I find Mamas and Papas the same or cheaper than Mothercare, which is extortionate!"

Helena Williams Bowie: "It's always been overpriced. The only thing I bought there was maternity underwear as it was the only place the sold it. My mum bought me dresses now and again as a child always a size to big as expensive."

Terri Blackler: "It’s expensive, especially for children’s clothes when they grow so quickly. £18 roughly per outfit that will last a matter of weeks. It was good to have a look at pushchairs and car seats but you could find the same brand cheaper elsewhere."

Lisa Lonsdale: "Online shopping is killing the stores. Where will parents go to try new prams, car seats etc? Everyone be buying online and returning if not suitable. Case of use the shops or lose the shops."

Kennie Ken: "It’s inevitable, all these shops that are closing are doing so because more and more people are shopping online.

"The retailers are seeing the numbers climbing every year and therefore just following suit. What is the point in spending millions of pounds a year on rent, energy and of course wages which eat into your profit margins when you can do it significantly cheaper online.

"It’s awful for those who rely on these shops to pay their bills but it’s not down to the retailer, it’s down to the consumer, we’re becoming lazier and lazier all the time."

Emma Jayne Goodman: "I remember when my little boy was born (he was very premature ) I had to get him tiny baby clothes and they were very expensive then. It’s a shame, especially for the staff."