Social Salsa in Swindon is a club which aims to inspire a love of salsa dancing.

It has been running for just over four years, and was set up so that local dancers could have somewhere to go in the area to dance salsa.

“We’re a friendly and supportive club, and it’s there for people to come along and socialise in,” said Clare Cordingley, the salsa teacher and lady behind the club.

Based at Christ Church Community Centre in Old Town, the group meet weekly on a Tuesday night between 7.30pm-10pm.

The evening is divided into different levels depending on ability, with levels four and two starting first and then levels one, three and five dancing from 8.30pm.

After 9.30pm there is the opportunity for everyone to come together and free style.

Clare said: “We dance club salsa, it’s more of a social salsa and involves you crossing the body of your partner during the dancing.

“It does get quite aerobic. You’re using arms ans legs at the same time.

“It’s an energetic form of dance and it’s best if you can feel it rather than think it,” she added.

Anyone wanting to attend does not need to worry about bringing a partner.

“We rotate partners throughout the evening,” said Clare.

“And most of the time we’re quite lucky with the numbers so it never really causes any kind of problem.”

There is also no need to have your own special shoes first, if you want to attend.

Clare said: “Preferably you do need shoes that are flexible so you can stand on the ball of you foot.

“And ones that do not stick to the floor, as part of the moves do involve the need to spin.

“But if you want to first come along and try the classes, just come with any old shoes until you get the feel of it and see if you want to continue,” she added.

Members are a rage different ages, and the club is suited towards anyone over 18.

“I just love the music and dancing,” said Clare.

“If you love movement and love to move, this help keeps your mind active and it’s just so much fun to do.”