Swindon produces enough electricity to power 97 per cent of the borough's houses from renewable sources

Deputy leader of the Labour group on Swindon Borough Council Steve Allsopp asked how Swindon can join neighbouring Wiltshire as one of the most climate-friendly authorities in the UK.

Council leader David Renard said: "A long time before it became fashionable to talk about climate change, we have delivered action, not words. We are the only town in the UK that can claim to generate enough local low carbon, renewable energy to power the equivalent of 97 out of every 100 homes."

The council's target is to generate 200megawatts of electricity form renewable sources, such as solar power because that is the amount needed to power every home in the town. It currently produces 195 mega watts.

It hopes to have the capacity for the full 200mw installed by next year.

There are 43 solar farms operating in Swindon at the moment.