OCTOBER’s Camera Club winner has been revealed as Dan Thorley from Taw Hill.

The 44-year-old snapped this stunning picture of an eagle owl at his workplace.

Dan manages the sports facilities at New College Swindon and told the Adver the story behind this picture.

“Every summer we encounter various issues with ‘town gulls’ taking respite on the outdoor sports pitches," he said.

“Unfortunately, the gulls cause infection problems from bacteria which is left from rotting feed and their poo. The most environmentally-friendly solution is to fly a bird of prey over the facilities for a period of six weeks.

“The picture of the eagle owl was a great opportunity to work alongside the falconer who operates the pest-control service. To capture the picture, I knelt in the flight path of the owl as it flew to the falconer. I was half expecting to be decapitated, but when I saw the picture I was really pleased.”

Dan, who took up photography three years ago after an operation on his spine, defines himself as a ‘keen amateur snapper’. He added: “I needed to find a creative way to stimulate my brain and body in order to complete months of tedious rehab.

"Post rehab, I became addicted to photography in its many different forms.”

Dan, from Taw Hill was not expecting to win: “

I'd encourage anyone to join the camera club no matter what their skill level is.”