There were two very different opinions of canvassing for a winter election put forth at the weekend.

On Friday night the South Swindon labour candidate Sarah Church tweeted: "Another great night on the #labourdoorstep - some really good conversations, bridges built and takers for a Vote Labour sign in their garden."

Less than 24 hours later Jim Robbins, a Labour borough councillor, had been on the knocker and was less upbeat. He tweeted: "Pretty dismal session on the #labourdoorstep today. Raining, cold, my heart wasn’t really in it, neither were the voters. Not much enthusiasm for a winter election. #honesty"

That got some appreciation form commentator and editor of Ian Dunt who retweeted Coun Robbins and added: "f you've ever complained about lying politicians, you should probably elect this man."

That helped Coun Robbins' tweet go viral: the original was 'liked' 1,300 times and retweeted 182 times, and Ian Dunt's gloss on it was liked 2,000 times and retweeted 301 times.

Many commentators said they were refreshed by Coun Robbins' honesty; who had seemingly regained his enthusiasm by Sunday.