He loves a cuddle and a play but he needs a forever home.

SNDogs is looking for someone to take on Dougal.

The nine-year-old came to his foster family from Spain a month ago and since then has not had much interest from potential new owners.

“He’s a great little dog,” said Mark Harding who has been fostering the hound in Pinehurst.

SNDogs believes Dougal has an allergy of some kind and is addressing the skin condition.

“No medication is needed at the moment but it may be needed at some point in the future,” said Mark.

“He loves to be cuddled and stroked and maybe play a little ruff and tumble,” added Mark.

Dougal doesn’t jump up but enjoys being picked up to be cuddled.

“He likes to cuddle into a blanket if there is one which happens to be lying around,” added Mark.

“And he loves his walks. If it is nice outside he likes to be in the sun.”

Dougal is well behaved and doesn’t jump on the furniture on his own.

“He is house trained and sits at command, which is pretty rare with most of our rescue dogs,” said Mark.

Dougal is fine being around other dogs and most cats.

Mark said: “He would settle really well with a quiet, older family, where there aren’t small kids.

“That’s not because he’s snappy or anything but I just don’t think he likes being pulled around too much.”

Mark added: “He would make a great pet for someone.

“A new owner would just love him and he’ll give them back that love too,” said Mark.

If you want to give Dougal a home, visit sndogs.uk/adopt-a-dog and fill out the application form.

SNDogs runs a foster organisation based in Pinehurst, where homeless and rescued dogs are looked after in a network of volunteer homes.

It asks for a £200 donation for each dog adopted, to help it cover the cost of previous care.