TORY candidate James Gray was caught on camera making an illegal turn in his car while on the campaign trail in Malmesbury.

The former MP, who has represented the North Wiltshire constituency for the past 12 years, was at the wheel of a large 4x4 emblazoned with the Conservatives’ logo when it went against the one-way system out of the Market Cross on Tuesday. A sign opposite the junction directs drivers to turn left.

Andy Dawson, 48, who lives in the town, saw Mr Gray make the illegal turn and took a photo of it as it happened. He said: “I had finished work and had come out onto Market Cross. As he came out in his large car he turned right onto Gloucester Road, which is illegal. I shouted ‘no right turn’ to him but he seemed to ignore me. It gave me the impression he thinks he is above the law.”

A Wiltshire Council spokesperson said: “You cannot legally turn out of Market Cross straight onto Gloucester Street.”

James Gray responded: “Honestly I was not aware it was illegal to make this turn.

"If I did break the law then I am very sorry. I consider myself a good, law-abiding driver.”