A STRESSED pensioner claims that a mystery menace has been knocking on his door and windows in the middle of the night for the last three years.

Richard Fry of Thornford Drive in Westmead has increased his blood pressure medication and struggled to sleep ever since the nuisance knocks began every fortnight since he moved into his bungalow.

The 71-year-old said: “When it started, I thought it was just a prankster messing about but it keeps happening over and over, at different times and different windows, and it’s really worrying me.

“I keep getting woken up, usually around 2am and 3am, by banging on my front door and windows and by the doorbell ringing. Sometimes it happens twice in one night but there’s usually a couple weeks’ gap.

“This is not good for my blood pressure - my medication has gone up significantly, I’m on extra tablets now and my doctors are concerned.

“Every time I go to sleep I wonder if they’ll be back tonight and I hope this doesn’t go on for another three years - maybe it’s why the previous tenant moved?”

Mr Fry installed a CCTV camera and a small light outside his property in a bid to catch those responsible but has not had any luck so far.

He claims to have contacted Wiltshire Police around 30 times over the last few years and they have visited his address to investigate his claims.

He added: “The camera’s been triggered by movement around the times I’ve heard the knocking but whoever it is managed to avoid the camera.

“Neighbours have noticed the light switching on, too, in the middle of the night, but not seen anything and it's only me who's been affected.

“The police have done what they can but it’s so low level - nothing’s been damaged or stolen - that there’s not much they can do short of parking a car down the road and waiting.

"I used to call them every time it happened but I stopped when one officer suggested that I was just hearing things. Maybe once or twice, it could have been my imagination, but not this consistently."

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “We received numerous reports from this resident over recent years and provided ongoing support and suggested various crime prevention methods, including assisting with CCTV outside the address.

“We visited him regularly and spoke to neighbours to try to piece together exactly what has been happening. However, despite our best efforts, we have not uncovered any evidence of any crime being committed or anti-social behaviour taking place.”