A REGULAR bus-user is angry at Swindon’s Bus Company for not putting on more buses to and from the town centre.

Karen Edwards lives on Okus Road and has to catch the number 22 bus in and out of town.

But she says if she stays out late in town she has to choose between paying for a taxi home or walking the distance – just over a mile and mostly uphill – herself.

That is because the number 22 route stops at 7.48pm.

Karen said: “You can’t relax if you’re out. You’re constantly looking at the time worried you’ll miss the last bus.”

“I’m not young, if people who work or live outside of Swindon town centre miss their bus they’re stuck. Not everybody’s wealthy enough to afford a taxi.

“The bus company should realise that there should be busses at all times.

“I’ve noticed that there are certain areas that get busses every 10 minutes, yet I have to wait 30 minutes for mine – why?

“If I miss my bus I have to wait another half an hour where as they only have to wait another 10 minutes, it’s totally unfair.”

Karen said the times for route 25 seem equally limited.

She said: “I was speaking to a couple at the bus stop and they normally get the 25 bus. That bus stops completely at 3pm meaning to get home they would have to get the 22, get off at Okus Road and then walk to where they live.

“They’re in their 60s, why should they have to miss the bus after 3pm?”

With Christmas approaching and more social occasions that would mean heading into town more often, Karen urged Swindon's Bus Company to look at its schedules.

“The company needs to look at it and make it fair for everybody,” she added.

“Why should I not have a bus after 8pm?

“The risk of missing the bus and not wanting to pay for a taxi is high.

“It’s all uphill. If you’re drunk it’ll take twice as long, and you could be attacked and robbed.

“You could be young or old, male or female, it doesn’t matter who you are there’s always a risk and I don’t think bus companies appreciate that.”

In response to Karen’s concerns, general manager for Swindon’s Bus Company Alex Chutter said: “We continuously review our bus services in and around Swindon.

“We look to introduce more journeys wherever possible, in response to higher customer demand.

“For route 22, this is not currently the case.”