A portable building has been ditched at the side of a road leading to the Ridgeway.

Swindon Borough Council is investigating the appearance of the dilapidated unit, which has fallen apart on the verge, exposing contents including cupboards and a bed.

The abandoned structure, which carried an office sign on the door, was spotted beside the lane off the B4192 before the bridge across the M4 by Twitter user Crikey2050 who said: “The photo is fairly obvious and indicative of a big problem across the local counties and across the country.

“I bet there are clues inside as to the owner of this trash. Hopefully it disappears soon.”

A spokesman for the Swindon Borough Council said: “We were only made aware of it today but we are investigating.

“It looks like flytipping but we don’t have any answers at this stage. We always encourage residents to report fly-tipping to us and we aim to respond to every report.”