A COUPLE have retired from the GP practice where they have worked for 26 years.

Doctor Trevor King and Doctor Lucinda King took over Burbage practice in 1993 after moving from Cambridge.

They are keeping it within the family as they hand the practice over to their daughter. Rebecca Style joined the practice five years ago, and is now a partner.

She said: “We had a tea party with the staff and patients to say thank you, and goodbye to my parents and presented them with a pair of silver elephants as a leaving gift.

“They were very keen to have an old-fashioned practice which put the patients first and worked very hard to make sure that there were always appointments available on the same day.

“When they started my Dad was working full time as well as doing every other night on duty and also every other weekend.

“They only took one week a year holiday in the early years as it was difficult to get locums to take over the whole practice. Mum was practice manager and also did all the wages, pensions and petty cash, as well as working part time seeing patients.

“It was very hard work, but made easier by having such lovely patients who rarely called out the doctors at night unless it was absolutely necessary.

“The patient list grew larger and they had to take on more staff and part time doctors to help. Mum was especially pleased to stop doing the petty cash which she found impossible to balance every month.

“Although the list size increased and staff came and went, they managed to keep the practice very patient orientated and friendly. Most of this was down to the staff, being chosen carefully as much for their kindness as for their skills.

“Over the 26 years the amount of paperwork, and micromanagement by the government increased, making the job more difficult , but the practice has remained friendly and patient focused.

“Mum retired about a year ago as she felt it was time to have a rest, although looking after four grandchildren t isn’t very restful. Dad retired this year, after 41 years as a doctor, and is unfortunately having to have treatment for prostate cancer.

“We are all determined to continue the practice with the same ethos in the future and wish Dr Trevor and Dr Lucinda a full and happy retirement.”