DARTS fans have been left furious after a promoter pulled an event promising to bring legends of the sport to Swindon.

Originally promoted as ‘the first ever champion of champions' darts exhibition, the sold-out show was due to be hosted by MECA on Saturday, February 29 2020.

It was said to be featuring ‘a minimum of eight world champions’ – according to its page on the Eventbrite website. Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor – the most successful player in darts – was among the names fans were hoping to see on the oche.

But those who bought tickets discovered it was cancelled when MECA posted the news on Facebook this week.

The post included an email from promoters Stepback Concerts, which read: “It is with deep regret that we must inform you, we are having to cancel the darts event we have on hold with you due to legal reasons.

“Please remove the event from your schedule ASAP. We will be instructing the ticketing site of the cancellation as a matter of urgency.”

One fan, Kyle Ackerman, labelled the event a 'scam' and urged MECA to do more to help those affected.

But MECA refused to comment when contacted by the Adver.

Mr Ackerman said: “It looks like there will be no refunds and no one can get hold of the company.

“MECA has said it is trying to get refunds but there needs to be more precautions.

“They must have spoken to someone about the event, you would think there would be something in place.

“MECA should be the ones selling the tickets directly.”

Mr Ackerman was due to attend the event after his stepdad bought six tickets costing £44 each.

“All this is doing is giving MECA a bad name,” he added: “I’m definitely not booking anything online again, and that’s anywhere – not just at MECA and especially not for that amount.

“We’re hoping we can go through the bank to get the money back because it’s a lot of money to lose.

“No one can find the company, it’s bad enough there’s no event but now there won’t be refunds.”

MECA confirmed the statement posted on Facebook was the full email it received from the promoters.

It added it was contacting other venues to see if similar events were cancelled, as well as getting in touch with Eventbrite to see what could be done about refunds.