A SWINDON mental health suite will remain closed.

The 'place of safety' at Sandalwood Court, where people in the midst of a mental health crisis can be taken, shut in 2018.

At a meeting of the borough council's adults’ health care and housing overview committee, it was confirmed Avon and Wiltshire Partnership services will remain focussed on the purpose-built Bluebell Unit in Green Lane Hospital, Devizes.

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John Cousins: "In an ideal world there would be a 'place of safety' in every major town and city but we all know the NHS budget is not bottomless. Sandalwood Court still provides great treatment and support for users and their families. It's important that people don't confuse the closure of the places of safety with the rest of the work done there."

Claire Horwood: "This is so sad. This place helped my mum and they were great. It was so great having her in Swindon and not in other town or city. Every town or city needs a safe place to keep helping the people they need to. If only we could save this place. There really isn’t enough help for metal health these days and with it being so high in need."

Caroline Lawrence: "Very sad, this place saved my life back in 2004 as I was in a very bad way. The staff and doctor were the best. They helped me in a big way."

William Gulliver: "Sandalwood is an essential part of mental health, many lives have been saved with such an essential service, it is disgraceful that the Conservative government are cutting so many places down. Being alone in the community is terrible, these poor people need help to carry on with their lives, we all know what to do on December 12."

Aimée-Beth Parker: "This is so sad, they really helped me after the birth of my second with my PND and anxiety. Such a shame as we don’t have anywhere else."

Phil Paton: "To put this into perspective, the place of safety was only a one bed unit that was not always occupied but required three members of staff to be there 24/7 in case it was needed, and the facilities were out-of-date. Lots of better places nearby but, yes, that might involve a journey which is not ideal for anybody having a breakdown but, in the long run, better.

Rachael Cordy: "It has been shut for well over a year now. It was just a one-bed unit that people were taken to by police. I think lots of the disgust at this story comes from people confusing it with the ward at Sandlewood... which is not closing."

Scarlett Davies: "This is a good and bad situation... Good as it was not staffed properly as they had to bring staff over from Applewood, which meant people who have been sectioned did not have the care they needed properly. Bad because it now means people who just want the help and support are being sent miles away from loved ones and their support network, making them more distressed and unsettled."

Claire Wilby: "I cannot believe we have to go to Devizes in a crisis!"

Chris Paris-Haines: "This is sad to hear. Maybe the people responsible for ignoring the warning and previous reports of danger and sorting it out so no harm was actually done. This shows how under funded mental health services are in this country."

Magdalena Beata Arciszewska: "Tories show how much they care about your mental health – a few pennies are clearly more valuable."