SOUTH Swindon Conservative candidate Robert Buckland joined the health secretary during his visit.

He said: “I’m feeling encouraged, it’s great to have support from my friend and colleague Matt Hancock with whom I work very closely on issues relating to health in Swindon.

“I think our record on health spending has been a very good one and we are investing even more now. We’re trying to make sure we have an efficient publicly-funded service free at point of use.

“I’m encouraged that local practices are now working together in a GP-led way to improve services. We have the Wyvern partnership and the new Brunel partnerships which seem to be a sustainable way of developing GP services which I know are under pressure.

“The combination of national funding and the increased emphasis on recruitment and funding, which is a big challenge, will start to yield results for our NHS.

“I feel I’ve developed a track record and a sense of belonging here which means I’ve got a huge commitment to south Swindon and there’s still more that I want to do.

“I’m confident that people will be faced with a clear choice in this election and one that’s in our favour because of our national messaging about getting Brexit done, concentrating on schools funding, NHS funding and law and order."