A MAJOR Swindon business has snapped up another firm as part of a series of big acquisitions aimed at improving the services it can offer its global audience.

Outsourced contact and customer management centre Woven bought technology provider tPoint Solutions Limited as part of its bid to grow and connect more easily with customers around the world.

Woven CEO Cyril Molitor said: “This is an incredibly exciting time for Woven and tPoint, with this acquisition allowing us to service our clients in a more productive, efficient and agile way.

“We are acquiring a market-leading platform that will enable us to more effectively service our collective clients and their customers, providing connected services with the perfect combination of human interaction and intelligent automation.”

Woven carried out its first three acquisitions less than a year ago and is now operating with more than 1,000 colleagues from centres in Swindon, Bristol, Ipswich and Epsom, serving global brands across a wide range of industries.

The company helps businesses contract work like accounting, human resources, payroll, data recording, IT and marketing services to external service providers.

Its strategy is to bring together what it called the boutique feel of specialised contact centres with top-tier management techniques.

tPoint’s technology allows Woven to shift away from the traditional contractor business model in an attempt to respond to clients’ demands for more efficient and intuitive technology along with solutions that will improve customer experience and business outcomes.

tPoint CEO Andy Griffin said: “This is a fantastic day for the team at tPoint. The acquisition by Woven provides tPoint with the tools we need to accelerate our product differentiation.

“We believe passionately in technology that empowers business users to deliver amazing customer outcomes simply and in real-time.

“Together, Woven and tPoint will disrupt the Business Process Outsourcing space and the wider customer engagement disciplines for the benefit of both our clients and customers.”