The clear winner among our readers for the place which services the best hot chocolate is Second Cup.

Located in The Parade in Swindon's town centre the establishment was recommended the most number of times out of all suggestions.

Shauna Reid identified it as serving her favourite hot chocolate.

Amanda Johnson said: "Agree. Second Cup is definitely the best."

The café is part of a global chain and serves a range of creative takes on the traditional beverage. These include a candy cane white hot chocolate, a vanilla bean hot chocolate and a new cinnamon roll white hot chocolate.

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Coming a close second was Caffè Nero which also received a high number of votes.

Usually more known for its coffee, the café on Bridge Street in the centre of town is a hit among our readers.

Aarti Arts said: "Cafè Nero's Milano is the best."

Patricia Payne also agreed, identifying the cafe as serving her favourite hot chocolate.

Also part of an international chain of coffee shops, the café's chocolate Milano drinks stands out to customers, served in a glass and topped with Belgian chocolate sprinkles.

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Also popular among our readers is Rays Ice Cream.

Located on Devizes Road in Old Town, as its name suggests the establishment is predominantly an ice cream parlour.

However the café serves hot chocolate among its other hot drinks alongside their ice cream, served with marshmallows and whipped cream.

Claire Smith said: "Definitely Rays Ice Cream in Old Town."

"Denise Barker added: "I second Rays. Lovely ice cream too!"

Established in 2011, Rays Ice Cream is an independent, family run business which also has a second shop in Royal Wootton Bassett.

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Triple Two Coffee came out highly recommended by readers.

Situated on Havelock Square, the café was a clear winner with Andrea Harper as the place which serves the best hot chocolate in town.

She said: "Triple Two Coffee opposite Poundland does the best white hot chocolate."

As part of the speciality drinks served, the establishment offers a deluxe hot chocolate and a white hot chocolate to customers, alongside their traditional take on the beverage.

This is the flagship store for the company which began in 2016, and has second café in The Crossing.

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The final recommendation garnering praise for the best hot chocolate in town among Adver readers is Pinecones Cafe.

Based in the Pinetrees Community Centre in the Pinehurst Circle, Helen Reilly identified it as the place which serves her favourite hot chocolate.

She said: "The Pinecones café in Pinetrees Community Centre, Pinehurst, serves a lovely hot chocolate and not too pricey."

Open between 8.30am -14.00 from Monday to Friday, the community café serves a range of hot drinks alongside freshly prepared food and cakes at affordable prices.

It is a popular place among community groups and often hosts activities and meetings for various support groups from across Swindon.

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