A SWINDON Volvo retailer has had defibrillators installed at its dealership for staff and other businesses to use in an emergency.

The team at Waylands Swindon on Great Western Way hopes that the new first aid equipment will provide reassurance and peace of mind to its neighbours and customers.

General sales manager Eddie Musselwhite said: “We place strong emphasis on ensuring the first aid training provided to our team members is up to date.

“In addition, we want to show our commitment to ensuring anyone in our local vicinity has access to essential first aid and lifesaving equipment, too.

"This generous action highlights the business’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of our customers, as well as colleagues and community members, so that people can feel safe and assured.

“If any businesses or residents on Great Western Way should ever find themselves in a situation when defibrillators are needed, we would like to remind them that ours are ready and available.”

The effective first aid training offered by Waylands, alongside the use of its defibrillators to those nearby, means that the Freshbrook retailer can provide essential lifesaving first aid support in times of need.

The Waylands motor group has defibrillators installed at all of its sites and the group claims this is to demonstrate the importance it places on fast and effective first aid in the workplace.

Defibrillators give high-energy electric shocks to people suffering cardiac arrests which helps to reset the beat of their heart to its correct rhythm.

Anyone can use them - no training is required.