FURIOUS Andrew Loveridge says a huge pothole outside his home is an accident waiting to happen.

The landscape gardener has hit out over the council’s failure to properly repair the damage to the pavement in Park North.

Now he's reached the end of his tether, five months after he reported the damage caused by bin lorries driving over it.

A 12-inch pothole was filled in while Andrew was on holiday at the end of October. But he says this is not enough.

“The path is so badly damaged half of it is pushed up,” he said.

The landscape gardener, who lives in Verwood Close in Park North, says the original damage happened 10 months ago.

“It’s very uneven and dangerous,” he said.

“If this is what the council classes as a repair it really is laughable.”

Andrew said as it is, the pavement is a hazard. “I don’t want someone falling over. We’ve got pensioners living in this street. If we have a bad winter it will be extremely dangerous.

“Being in Park North, obviously the council can’t be bothered to fix it properly because this is literally ridiculous,” he said.

“This is classism. It’s so apparent.”

Since contacting the Adver, a new outline has been sprayed around the damaged area, indicating a future repair. But Andrew says this doesn’t look as if the repair will go far enough.

“If they just do that section it’s going to be botched job,” he said.

“There will be a weak join, and in this weather the frost will get in the crack and then it will just pop open again.

“The whole section needs to be replaced because otherwise the path won’t be level,” he said.

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman said: “We can find no record on our system of a complaint being made about this pathway, but we are pleased to confirm that a permanent repair will be carried out before Christmas if the weather holds up.

“The smaller pothole repair that has been criticised was only ever meant to be a temporary fix to make the path safe, until a more long-lasting repair is carried out.

“The claims that certain parts of Swindon are prioritised for repairs are simply not true.

"We visit all areas of the borough twice a year to inspect the roads and paths and will add any defects we find to our ongoing maintenance schedule.”