Councillors will vote this week on whether to change the electoral cycle in Swindon.

The ruling Conservative cabinet wants to make the change from electing a third of the councillors every year, with one year off, to all out elections once every four years.

But despite its backing and a consultation which shows a two-to-one majority in favour of the move, it may well not pass.

Of 34,255 responses to a borough-wide consultation, 68.7 per cent (23,533) were in favour of all out elections and 10,722 people (31 per cent) voted for no change.

But the final decision will be made by councillors, and this change needs 66 per cent of members present at a special meeting on Thursday to approve it.

That means, if all 57 councillors show up, the measure needs 38 votes, necessitating at least some Labour councillors to vote for it, but the group says it will oppose the motion.

The meeting begins at 7pm on Thursday and members of the public may attend.