A FRUSTRATED homeowner hit out at the makers of his new-build house for failing to fix his front door and front windows for four years.

John Horton of Royal Wootton Bassett moved into his Cloatley Crescent home back in 2015 and claims he has been driven to despair by he problems which have plagued him ever since.

He fears the incorrectly-fitted front door that does not close properly and windows with loose or broken handles could pose a serious security risk and blames David Wilson Homes for the ongoing issues.

Mr Horton said: “DWH’s work makes some of Watchdog’s rogue traders look competent, the customer service is just shocking.

“Some of the windows don’t open, some barely open and the ones that do open shut by themselves, there is something fundamentally wrong with them.

“Years of waiting for locks, mechanisms, handles, windows and doors to be looked at is just really poor.

“Plus, I’ve never had washers and dryers and dishwashers needing three different repairs, effectively replacing every moving and electrical part in them, and then still going wrong.

“If I totalled up the amount of time wasted by me, the amount of time they’ve not been functional and the amount of money I’ve wasted going to launderettes, I could probably have bought a set of Bosch.”

Mr Horton says months of long email chains, numerous telephone calls, several home visits and attempted repairs have led to slow progress, with no resolution in sight.

He claims he and his neighbours have considered attending David Wilson Homes open days to protest and warn potential new customers away from buying homes built by the developer.

Three of his neighbours are said to have had similar problems with their windows, with another noticing water leaking through the roof because of loose tiles.

Managing director of David Wilson Homes South West Ian Menham responded to Mr Horton’s complaints.

He said: “We apologise that this customer has suffered issues at his property.

“We are in continued discussion with him to arrange replacement of the front door, as well as the window hinges that are causing problems.

“We pride ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction and building quality homes.

“We would encourage any customers to log any problems they may have with our customer services team who can help to resolve them.”