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Bring speed cameras back to Swindon

Virtually every time I read the SA there is a report about speeding and accidents across the town.

Without doubt the standard of driving is getting worse by the day.

Everywhere I go, I see about 80 per cent of motorists driving in excess of the speed limit whether it be a 20, 30 or 40 mph zone.

Many roads, like Dorcan Way, Drakes Way etc, are like race tracks.

Some motorists simply couldn’t care less about the safety of other people and go as fast as they like, when they like.

We used to have speed cameras dotted about. But, regrettably, they’ve all been switched off by the council.

A couple of months ago I contacted my local MP and he told me that the fines went to central government.

I urged him to take it back to Parliament to get it changed so that local councils only benefit from the fines.

Therefore, after the result of the forthcoming General Election, I urge you to do the same.

This fundamental change will ensure speed cameras will be put back on which, will make it safer for all of us.

Those that are then caught speeding will soon learn especially, when fines and court notices start dropping through their front door.

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Swindon

Childish PR stunts don’t fool the voting public

Viewing television recently one can’t help wonder what politicians are trying to achieve!

We see Boris Johnson pulling a pint, having his sleeves rolled up in hospitals and wearing wellingtons to show that he is part the community.

He was also shown using a shovel to pick up a shovelful of soil!

Why didn’t Boris choose a short sleeved shirt’?

He probably hasn’t picked up a shovel since having a ‘bucket and spade’ at the seaside!

We see Jeremy Corbyn wearing a Scottish scarf when visiting Glasgow!

Surely, whoever dressed Jeremy Corbyn should have pulled the scarf a little tighter!

We see Nicola Sturgeon looking at how to sand down a piece of wood. She probably thought it was Dogwood, identified by its’ bark.

Who do they think we are?

Do they think we don’t recognise childish PR stunts?

What have we got to look forward to? I haven’t had a holiday or been able to afford it for ages so, if there is free movement within Brexit then I can add it to my bus pass and go anywhere free within Europe.

Unless I have it wrong. I usually have!

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

Take part and share the light of Christingle

Last year, thousands of people came together to attend 78 local Christingle services across the Diocese of Bristol.

These special events raise money for The Children’s Society to help vulnerable children and young people.

They enable us to provide direct support to those who may be experiencing abuse, neglect or mental health issues, children who may be living in poverty, as refugees, or missing from home or care.

Their Christmas may be broken, but together we can help these young people to rediscover hope for the future. That is why I am encouraging people from across Wiltshire to attend a service and donate to The Children’s Society - please join us and share the light of Christingle.

Mark Russell, Chief Executive, The Children’s Society

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