A Conservative government will leave 'no stone unturned' to make sure Swindon sees the benefit of the Honda site, Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid pledged.

And he said the town had benefited greatly from extra money allocated to the borough council because of new housing schemes.

The cabinet minister was at the National Self-Build and Renovation Centre yesterday for a stop on the campaign trail.

Delayed an hour by a crash on the M4, Mr Javid spoke with bosses at the centre, accompanied by South Swindon candidate Robert Buckland, and had a tour before meeting local Conservative party activists and answering questions from reporters.

Speaking about what the government had done and could do to soften the blow of losing the Honda plant in 2021, he said: “We are absolutely determined to work with Honda and the borough council and with Robert, who has already done so much, to ensure the site turns into something that still has thousands of people employed in high value jobs after Honda’s departure in 2021.

“I’m confident that can be done and we will leave no stone unturned in achieving that.”

The chancellor added this could only be achieved if the UK left the EU with an agreement with the EU, something he said only the Conservatives would be able to deliver, and keeping the national economy strong and keeping control of the nation’s finances.

He said: “In Swindon we will work on skills in the area, we will work with Honda, because it’s very important to the local economy. We need a good strong local MP to be a champion for Swindon and only Robert can do that.”

With prime minister Boris Johnson announcing yesterday that Mr Javid would be chancellor if the Conservatives are elected, and announcing a cut in corporation tax would not happen he said: “We need to keep business competitive, but we also need to invest in other parts of our great country, including our public services like the NHS.”

Asked how much investment might be put into the Great Western Hospital, which is struggling with demand, as Swindon expands with thousands of new houses planned, Mr Javid said: “It’s important to invest in infrastructure alongside new houses. That’s why we set up the Housing Infrastructure Fund for new roads and schools GPs and Swindon has been a big recipient of that fund and fund will continue.

"To invest you need a strong economy. My plan will allow us to invest billions more while keeping control of debt and the public finances.”

Sarah Church (Labour) and Stan Pajak (Lib Dem) are also standing in South Swindon.