The backlog of repairs and maintenance needed on Swindon Borough Council's operational buildings - its offices, and places such as leisure centre and theatres would cost £8m to complete councillors will be told.

A total of £1.4m has been allocated to such maintenance in this year's council budget, with another £500,000 cost to the authority's day-to-day revenue budget.

The cabinet member for corporate services Keith Williams will update the council's corporate and resources oversight and scrutiny committee as to the state of the council's property holdings at its meeting next Monday.

His report says as well as the scheduled maintenance, £1.5m was allocated by the council to work on the Health Hydro in Milton Road for major works.

The council owns 232 buildings used for front-line service delivery as well as its offices in Wat Tyler House and Euclid Street and its total property assets including houses came to £1.019 bn.