A Swindon firm tackling the problem of recycling plastics will tell councillors how its plans are coming on this week.

Recycling Technologies, based in South Marston, announced a year ago that it had developed a machine – the RT7000 – that broke down plastic trays and films into a reusable oil, which can be re-used to make new plastics.

That could solve a lot of plastic pollution as the material is expensive and difficult to recycle and it is often cheaper to buy new, leading to increasing amounts thrown away.

The company put its machine into production in the past 12 months, having had a prototype at Swindon Borough Council’s Waterside park recycling and waste processing plant.

Bosses from the company which wants to make 1,300 of its machines in the next seven years will give members of the council’s communities and place overview and scrutiny committee an update on its progress and plans tomorrow at 7pm at the Civic Offices in Euclid Street.