AN 11-year-old schoolboy has written to the Prime Minister to highlight the problem of stress in the classroom.

Jack Coates, who goes to Abbey Park School in North Swindon, decided to pen his letter to Boris Johnson because he was already feeling exam pressure half way through his first year at secondary school.

He thinks the UK education system should be run along the same lines as in Finland where there are no standardised tests apart from a voluntary test at the end of secondary school.

Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Claire Haynes-nee Sutton: Whether you agree with what Jack is saying or not, can we just take a moment to actually appreciate how well this letter has been thought about and eloquently written please? He’s in year seven! Fantastic job Jack.

Chelle White: Really? Exams are always stressful no matter when you went to school, same as when I was younger but we didn’t have the resources kids have now.

It’s all preparation for real life I’m afraid.

Jen Bamford: Well done, young man! Stand up for what you believe.

Nikki Harris: Well done for speaking up so passionately Jack.

You are a polite, intelligent and fine young man who sets an example to others at all times.

Jen Bamford: The problem lies with Ofsted and government policies.

Children are constantly driven by unnecessary targets (I never knew what level I was at for anything, nor did I need to know, but then, I’m old), and therefore they never feel as if they’re good enough.

My parents just told me to do my best and that was ok.

Sarah Summers: Something has gone wrong when we have high mental health stats for young people in Swindon - and teenagers committing suicide.

I didn’t find school or exams stressful - we didn’t have the same pressures.

Ben Engström: Sorry bud, but it only gets worse from here.

Life is stress, just gotta learn to manage and control it I’m afraid. These exams are just preparing you for the reality of it.

Jen Bamford: Just because adult life is stressful, why should we impose that on our young people?

Perhaps let them have a happy childhood first?

Jayne Marsden: I believe Jack has intelligence, awareness and maturity that will grow and empower him to lead in the future. His letter is based on the effects of our education system on children and teachers. He is a year seven (11 years old) and has thought about and made suggestions on how to improve the education system for all.

Linda Lee: They have all this stress and lots of homework and have to fit in a few hours on their phones and xbox etc.

No wonder they can’t cope. Oh and watch some telly.

Marie Hicks: Poor kid. You are looking at another Tory government young man. Remember Gove as education minister. You are lucky if you are not disabled or have learning difficulties because that is when you can really write yourself off.

Lee Brown: Welcome to the real world son, life is stressful.

Deborah Clark: No more stressful than at any other time. Maybe today their lives are less balanced.

Emma Jayne Christine Galos: There is stress and pressure everywhere, when we shield the kids from it and make everyone a winner this is not preparing our kids for the real world! That’s why we have so many young people with poor mental health!

Billy Critter: He is an 11 year old, as we get older we learn to cope better with stress but at 11 it does not have to be full on.