IT will be a three-horse race in South Swindon at next month's general election.

Conservative Robert Buckland won the seat by just 2,464 votes from Labour's Sarah Church at the last election. The pair will go head-to-head again in a constituency which looks key to prime minister Boris Johnson's hopes of winning a majority.

Lib Dem candidate Stan Pajak, who also fought the seat in 2017, is also in the running once again but the Brexit Party and Greens will not be standing this time around, narrowing the choice for voters.

Here's what you said on Facebook:

Beatrix Blume: "Didn’t realise that both Sarah and her husband had served in the Armed Forces. Respect to the pair of them. Nice to see someone standing who also stood up for this country."

Gemma Denley: "Sarah Church works tirelessly for the constituents already and has done for years. Only a couple of thousand votes from winning last time. Fingers crossed."

Yvette Maxwell-Darkes: "I don’t think she’ll do it. The people voted to leave, but we will see on December 13. But whatever the vote the people need to realise that as a country we are being watched and we all look like clowns. I do not take kindly to Tusk or Clinton bad-mouthing my or my neighbours' decision. We as a country must sort this out. And... move on!"

Neil Tucker: "Whoever we vote for, we will have them for the next five years (unless it's a Tory, in which case we'll probably have yet another general election in 18 months or so) and if we have left Europe in the next few months, what then? Tories have suddenly found the magic money tree just in time for the GE but won't tell us how much their spending is going to cost. How can we just blindly trust them?"

Michael J Hinde: "Clearly a huge number are only voting on one issue given the amount of ‘Brexit at any cost’ comments littered around social media for the past couple of years."

Steve Pagett: "It should be about the climate, the rising homelessness, the child poverty levels, the NHS, but the Tories put us in this Brexit mess."

Leigh Naomi Stone: "What about the police, underfunding schools, the NHS, being able to book a doctors' appointment with less than an eight-week wait? Homelessness, benefit freezes the increase in the use of food banks? Brexit should not be what you base your vote on.

Hilary Brooks: "There is a good reason Labour and others have voted against Brexit. Parliament voted against a GE before a no deal could be ruled out because of the damage it would do to the country. They're putting the country's interests first. You really have to ask yourself: Why aren't the Tories?"

Chris Waddell: "Sadly, Stan is too quiet, too humble and in the age of social media dominance the local Liberals are almost invisible in Swindon and really an outside bet. The gap between Labour and Tory last time was slim so if you want a change there’s only one choice."

Martyn Ellis-Parker: "The simple facts are that the Conservatives will win as Labour has one Achilles heel – Corbyn. Free broadband and tax Google sounds fabulous. However, Google won’t be wanting to be here in any form when you start doing that, and the UK will end up having to pay for their services if they do stay. Remember British Gas, you waited weeks to have your boiler repaired, freezing as a result of nationalisation. The UK despises Corbyn and Sarah Church will not be an MP here."

Ryan Callier: "Anyone who voted Labour is a fool – just look at how many times they have flip-flopped on Brexit, one minute they back it then they don’t . And where is all this money they want to spend coming from?The debt is being put on the people’s shoulders while these MPs take bigger and bigger wages."

Diane Tomes: "They are all as bad as each other – they tell us things then get in power and it all changes."