SIX people are killed or seriously injured on the region’s roads every day.

In Swindon last year 67 people lost their lives or were maimed on the town’s roads, according to analysis by safety charity Brake. They included six children struck while they were walking near roads.

Speaking in Road Safety Week, which runs all this week, Brake director Joshua Harris said: “These findings paint an alarming picture of the danger on the South West’s roads and yet it’s what we’re all exposed to, every day, when getting about.

“We shouldn’t have to accept this level of risk as part of our daily lives and so we are calling on everyone to Step Up for Road Safety Week and shout out for the solutions that we know can make our roads safe.”

Wiltshire Police is backing the campaign.

Police and crime commissioner Angus Macpherson said: “It is great to see the force supporting such an important initiative. The safety of our roads is something that impacts everyone in our communities and we all need to play our part to help.

“I was out with the under-17s driving school at Castle Combe recently and it was really encouraging to see students being taught excellent driving skills from an early age.

“It’s important we all remember the basics of keeping our vehicles roadworthy, being fit-to-drive and adhering to simple safety guidelines.”

Last month, the county force and Highways England spent two days checking for worn tyres at the Orbital shopping centre in north Swindon in a bid to boost road safety.

Experienced Wiltshire traffic officer Sgt Simon Drewett said: “Over 170 people are killed or seriously injured every year in tyre-related road traffic incidents.

“Professionally, it’s very sad to see. Four tyres are what keep you on the road. In the grand scheme of things they are relatively inexpensive to replace.

“We want to do whatever we can to change those figures and reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured.”

Police recommend people check their tyres at least once every month for signs of wear and tear.

By law, the tread of the tyre must be at least 1.6mm – roughly the height of the outer ring of a 20p.

Magistrates can fine drivers with worn tyres up to £2,500 and give three penalty points for each defective tyre.