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Before you vote

Sometimes looking at the past can help us to see the future.

During this general election campaign, I would urge voters not to forget about Swindon’s fantastic heritage of engineering, science and healthcare.

We should not be embarrassed about our past successes. Birthplace of the NHS, builder of God’s Wonderful Railway, home of the Supermarine Spitfire, Plessey Semiconductors.......

It saddens me to see how neglected Swindon has become.

Decaying historical buildings, large employers moving away, shops closing down, crime waves, long waits for A&E and operations.

All of these things are symptoms of failed government policies. Before casting our votes next month we should think about our glorious past and think about a better future especially for the debt laden young people who may never have the opportunity to buy a house or have a family that we enjoyed.

Marcus Kittridge, Kingshill Road, Swindon

What about the victims

They say one can judge a man by the company he keeps.

Enter prince Andrew.

If the man wants to cut to the quick, so to speak, why doesn’t he jet off to the USA (courtesy of British taxpayers, of course) and allow the FBI to interview him? Also take a lie detector test.

Although not admissible in court, if he passed such, then it might suggest he was speaking the truth during his car-crash of an interview!

The Queen clearly gave him the go ahead for the interview.

Here’s a man with no recollection of that photograph regarding a 17 year trafficked girl, yet remembers taking his daughters all those years ago to Pizza Express for a party!

No mention of any of Epstein’s victims.

Regardless if one is a republican or a monarchist, I think most will agree that he is a disgrace and a symptom of a rotten institution with no place in the 21st century.

Jeff Adams, Bloomsbury, Swindon

Community spirit

Haydon Wick Parish Council has an army of volunteers who do fantastic work in the local community every year. The parish council is looking for volunteers to get involved in a variety of activities. There is something for everyone, whatever your interest and whatever time you have available.

Some examples include:

Litter picking - individual

Litter picking - community events

Tree and bulb planting

Sprucing up play parks

Driving the community bus

Maintaining planters near where you live

Wildflower site creation

If you would like to volunteer for Haydon Wick Parish Council why not come along to our Volunteer Drop-In Session on the 30th November 2019.

This drop-in event is being held from 11.30am - 12.30pm at the Parish Council offices on Thames Avenue.

This a chance for anyone interested in volunteering to find out more. We will discuss available projects, what is involved, explain the application process and provide information about training and the benefits of volunteering with Haydon Wick Parish Council.

There will be tea, coffee and biscuits plus a chance to meet us and ask any questions relevant to volunteering. By volunteering you can develop your skills, meet new people and contribute to your local community. Call 01793 722446 for more information.

Georgina Morgan-Denn, Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

An A* for effort

I’m full of admiration for young Jack Coates who wrote a letter to the Prime Minister (SA, November 16)

He made his case for a radical change to the education system in a very mature way and it’s a pity that some online keyboard warriors chose to attack him for it.

He’s right. The system does need changing. It’s weighted towards passing exams rather than giving children an education that will really benefit them and their employers when they’re grown up. We all benefit when our schools produce fully rounded leavers rather than people who have simply been prepared for a narrow curriculum.

Exam stress when they’re coming up to their GCSEs and A Levels is one thing, but children in year 7 should not be allowed to feel under that kind of pressure. They should be encouraged to enjoy learning.

Mark Davies, West Swindon

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