ANTHONYPILLAI may face deportation after serving his time, a court heard yesterday. 

He arrived in the UK 14-years-ago on a Dutch passport, meaning he could be deported upon release. 

Lyall Thompson, defending, said: “If we do leave the European Union he doesn’t have an automatic right to return. 

“Not only has he lost his liberty for a period. It looks very likely he has lost his right to live in this country, which would make any future contact with his daughter impossible.”

Anthonypillai maintained his innocence throughout the week-long trial. He claimed his ex had made up the rape allegation after he had broken up with her that evening. But the jury saw through his lies. 

Jailing him and making a 20 year restraining order banning him from contacting his victim except through solicitors or by order of the family courts, Judge Jason Taylor QC told Anthonypillai: “You were arrogant, cruel and demeaning. In my judgement your evidence in the court was nothing more than a performance of feigned indignation, crocodile tears and lies.

"The pity you feel is to yourself and the jury, rightly in my view, saw through it with very little hesitation.

“You treated her like a chattel, someone to do your bidding and not answer back.”