Both Conservative and Labour candidates in Swindon thought their leader did well in Tuesday’s TV debate.

South Swindon Conservative Robert Buckland said: “The prime minister set out the choice at this election: a majority Conservative government that can get Brexit done so the country can move on, or yet another gridlocked hung parliament, with Corbyn in Number 10 that will spend all of 2020 arguing about Brexit.

“Jeremy Corbyn failed nine times to say where he stands on Brexit and refused to rule out a second referendum on Scotland in return for Nicola Sturgeon’s support to put him into Downing Street. He wouldn’t say how Labour would tackle unlimited and uncontrolled immigration or how he would keep Britain safe. And his fantasy economics would take a sledgehammer to the British economy – leaving hardworking taxpayers to foot the bill.”

His Labour opponent Sarah Church said: “The format of the debate was a bit stilted and it was painful to have Johnson shouting over the presenter at times. I think Jeremy came across as the more sincere with real answers to the questions.

“The substance of our plans for the NHS and for tackling climate change, as well as the fact that we are very comfortable letting the people decide on Brexit, shone through the pre-prepared mantras spouted by Johnson.”

Conservative Justin Tomlinson, defending his North Swindon seat said: “The PM set out our clear and positive agenda to get Brexit done so we can prioritise the issues that matter including schools, policing, the NHS, housing, the environment and building a strong economy.”

Also standing in South Swindon is Lib Dem Stan Pajak, while Katie Critchlow, Lib Dem; Kate Linnegar, Labour and Andy Bentley, Green party are standing in North Swindon.