A CRUEL rapist who carried out a vile attack on his girlfriend as their toddler slept nearby has been jailed for 11 years and five months.

A Swindon judge yesterday described Gowtham Anthonypillai as arrogant, cruel and demeaning. He treated his girlfriend like his chattel “to do your bidding and not answer back”.

The 22-year-old can now be named after his victim waived her right to anonymity. In a victim statement, she told the court: “I still check the cars and alleyways when I approach my home in case Gowtham is hiding somewhere.”

Last month, a Swindon jury took little more than three hours to convict Anthonypillai of rape, causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent and two counts of assault by beating.

On the evening of September 27 last year, Anthonypillai picked up his girlfriend and drove to Greenbridge McDonald’s.

He shouted at a fair-haired girl in the restaurant car park, angering his girlfriend who felt it was rude and berated him.

She asked Anthonypillai to stop the car so she could get some fresh air. He stopped the car but, embarrassed, asked her to get back inside the vehicle.

He went on a detour and stopped on Hermitage Lane near the family home. He quizzed her about an old gripe relating to false claims she had had an affair.

He punched her twice in the face and pulled her hair, keeping a firm hold on her hair as he drove on.

Anthonypillai punched her in the head again as they were parked on the driveway and then told her to “sort herself out” before they went into the house.

They were greeted at the door by the couple’s daughter. But he ushered his partner upstairs, saying “mummy has to go upstairs because she’s been naughty”.

In his bedroom he slapped her, claimed she was worthless and sent her downstairs to do the laundry.

Later, he pinned her down on the bed and throttled her with both hands.

Prosecuting, Rob Welling told jurors: “She couldn’t breathe and felt she was going to die.”

He stopped his when daughter him: “Mummy’s hurt.”

The victim was told to clean herself up and sent downstairs again to do the washing up and collect his McDonald’s meal.

But Anthonypillai became angry again because staff had not included barbecue sauce in the order. He threw the food at her.

He told her she could make the violence end. She would have to take a lie detector test, complete a tax rebate form on his behalf, do his chemistry coursework and change their daughter’s surname to his.

She was made to kneel for what she claimed felt like hours. Anthonypillai made his final demand - for the violence to stop she had to give him both oral sex and afterwards sexual intercourse.”

As EastEnders played on the TV, she performed a sex act on him then had sex with him while their daughter slept in the same room. The sobbing woman told detectives: “He wasn’t even looking at me. He was watching the telly.”

She cried during the rape ordeal “but did as she was told”.

He took her phone when she went outside to smoke. Later, she curled up at the foot of the bed and cried while he ignored her, watching YouTube videos on his phone.

The next day, the woman tried to appear normal as she got her daughter ready, spoke to her boyfriend’s mother and left the house. The abuse was reported to police later that day.