A TEARAWAY teen was branded “the little dictator” by Walcot locals after he was sent to a young offender’s institute for breaking an anti-social behaviour injunction.

Kenton Knight, 14, was handed the injunction banning him from Burger King and the Walcot shops last month. But within six weeks he was back before the Swindon court after breaking a requirement to be at school during the day.

Now, Walcot homeowners and workers at the fast food restaurants he terrorised have spoken out.

One woman, Rachel Chapman, 47, told The Sun: "I called him 'the little dictator' because even though there was older lads you could tell they were trying to impress him and he was directing them. If you saw him there you knew there could be trouble."

He was said to have been the leader of a small group of youths linked to anti-social behaviour in the area.

One worker at Burger King on Queens Drive said: "In the evening they would come and always target the staff.

"They would buy food and throw it at us - usually fries and milkshakes. We had to call police again and again and again.

"They would follow staff around the restaurant and if they went outside to clear up, swearing and being abusive. Sometimes they would even follow when people went to go home.

"Kenton was in charge, they all followed him. It has been much quieter since he was taken off the street."

A Subway staff member added: "They bought food and threw it at us and when we stopped serving they just brought their own in.

"When he told them they couldn't be here they would throw the tables and chairs over and trash the whole place.

"It meant customers were scared to come in and we felt scared to come to work."

Sentencing Knight to a two month detention and training order last week, chairman of the Swindon youth court bench Michael New said: “I know you have been in this court many times. You have many court orders against you - and you have shown complete disregard for all those court orders.

“Kenton has waived his right to anonymity by repeatedly committing anti-social behaviour in public and behaviours which affect the public detrimentally.”

On a previous occasion, the court heard fears that there was a certain amount of hero status attached to Knight and that publicity of the case could fuel it.