HOW does a singer come to be at the epicentre of the biggest Michael Bublé tribute show?

“It was kind of by accident,” Mark Daniels cheerfully admitted.

“I fell in love with Bublé’s arrangements in 2005 and it became apparent that we both shared a very similar vocal style and persona on stage.

“Over time I started to perform more and more of his songs in my other shows and then in 2010 I decided to go all-in and created the ‘Ultimate Bublé’ show.

“It was in 2014 that I started planning the theatre show, with the concept of bringing the closest thing to a live Michael Bublé concert to regional theatres and entertainment venues.”

On the evening of Thursday, December 12 a Wyvern Theatre audience will be invited to enjoy not just Ultimate Bublé but Ultimate Bublé at Christmas.

A festive meal will be served in the venue’s Spotlight Room from 7pm,with Mark performing from 9pm.

Mark has a special fondness for the season, not least because it features strongly in one of his favourite Ultimate Bublé memories - a performance he gave in 2017.

“It was an ITV Christmas Special for the emergency services.

“I’ve been volunteer lifeboat crew since 2010 and I was invited to perform on the show after a surprise appearance by Ashley Banjo at the station.

“Myself and the full band performed Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and shared the stage with lots of other talented emergency service personnel.

“We were also joined by Leona Lewis, Alfie Boe, Michael Ball, Diversity and Tokio Myers.

“It was an unforgettable night and so much fun to perform in front of the cameras and a live studio audience.”

The show has evolved since Mark created it nine years ago, but according to Mark the pleasure of meeting and performing for Bublé fans has been constant.

“It’s a massive responsibility.

“You have a room full of people who adore Michael Bublé and his music.

“But with the production and an incredible band of musicians behind me, it’s hard not to put on anything other than a great show.

“To stand there and deliver a knock out show and get the reaction we do is just the most incredible feeling. It always ends up with everyone joining in and dancing in the aisles.

“My favourite part of fan interaction is just building relationships with people.

“It might be people who have become long standing friends of the show or it might just be a passing moment that lasts seconds. I just love people.

“The connection that happens in any live show, meeting them afterwards or knowing that you’ve made a difference to their day or sometimes their lives. It’s a very special feeling.

“We aim to deliver the ultimate Bublé experience and we do this by bringing you the best musicians in the country for a night of unforgettable entertainment.

“I love nothing more than getting involved with the audience during a show and honestly, anything can - and normally does! - happen.

“ I love it. It’s my passion. There’s such a buzz backstage before any show.

“It’s what keeps me addicted to performing.”

Further information about the show and the dinner menu, which includes vegan and gluten-free options, can be found at

Tickets for Ultimate Bublé at Christmas are priced at £45 with a number of discounts available.

The box office can be contacted on 01793 524481 and via