A BUS being converted into a shelter for rough sleepers has has been forced to relocate outside Swindon.

Gerry Watkins – the man behind the Big Yellow Bus project – will be moving his vehicle to land near Fairford after being asked to move by Edmont. The joinery firm is making changes to its site at Westmead Industrial Estate.

A volunteer came forward after Gerry sought help in finding a new spot where he could continue working on the conversion.

Here's what you told us on Facebook:

Terry Skuse: "Maybe this is a chance for Swindon's Bus Company to prove how much they want to be involved in the town. Failing that, may be Stagecoach buses would like to help. Both have the vehicles to move and both have empty corners in their depots."

Stuey Parker: "Giving his time up to help people and this is the thanks he gets. Fair play to him, volunteering to help others. Why doesn’t the council convert some derelict buildings for the homeless and help this person out?"

Mark Stevens: "What will it take for the council to wake up to this problem? Another homeless death? With so many empty properties and now this cheap option for the council, you would think they would do everything they could to get the homeless off the streets with plummeting temperatures on the way. Shame on you SBC."

Daniel Adams: "SBC is providing shelter to any rough sleeper over winter when the temperature drops to a dangerous level. I believe there are about 20 rough sleepers in Swindon. I don't know how they decided to provide 12 beds but I imagine it's off the experience of previous years as this is now the third year running they have done it. Also, all year round they have access to a hostel with spaces for up to 70 people meaning no one has to rough sleep if they do not want to."

Tasha Charmaine: "How shocking is this? Someone does a little good in the world and then can't park – what a joke."

Tina Edginton: "What a lovely man doing a job that the council should be doing. The council should be grateful for his help and let him park on council grounds."

Carol Ann Stokes: "Come on one of you big companies, help him move it. Could be someone close to you someday homeless, everyone is just a pay day away from this, no job is safe."

Michelle Carroll: "You would think with all the empty buildings around Swindon they could open them up for the homeless. I've thought this for ages now."