He was given up because the breeder couldn’t sell him.

Now SNDogs wants to find a home for its four-month-old French Bulldog puppy called Marvin.

“He was handed in from an unlicensed breeder, someone who had just decided to breed their own dogs,” said trustee and volunteer Clare Fantini-Stephens.

“Because of his issues they couldn’t sell him and they couldn’t afford the vet bills either,” she said.

Marvin suffers from a condition called cherry eye, where the tear gland in a dog’s the third eyelid becomes swollen and red, covering part of the eye. It is a common condition in certain breeds and most often seen in young dogs.

Marvin also has an umbilical hernia and breathing difficulties.

The charity is hoping to raise £1,000 to cover the cost of operations to correct the conditions.

“The cherry eye is not a pain thing, it’s more of a discomfort for Marvin. He gets quite gunky eyes and also very dry eyes, because his tear ducts don’t work. He also can’t shut eyes properly when sleeps, which is sad for him,” said Clare.

“The hernia needs doing because the vet could fit their finger right inside him. It’s not healing, and as he grows his insides could start popping outside,” she said.

The operation should fix the cherry eye but Marvin may need another at a later date. The hernia shouldn’t require further treatment.

Clare said: “As soon as we have the funds he will have everything done and then we can get the little man off to his new home.

“He’s an absolute sweetheart. He’s a typical puppy, extremely loving and wants to cuddle everyone. He’s very playful with other dogs and there is not an aggressive bone in his body,” she said.

SNDogs recommend Marvin be rehomed with children.

“He absolutely loves children because they play with him,” said Clare.

“That’s all he wants to all day, when he’s not sleeping or eating.

“He will bring an immense amount of joy to someone who will have the delight of raising and nurturing him,” she said.

Donations for Marvin’s treatment can be made via PayPal – swindonsneedydogs@gmail.com