Nicky Morgan defended the Conservative Party’s changing of its Twitter account header name to Factcheck UK in order to make anti-Labour points during the TV debate on Tuesday.

She said “Social media has its place, but nobody outside the Westminster bubble is talking about it.

"Nobody on the doorstep today has mentioned it at all, they’re talking about real problems and what the government should be doing.”

Following on from her cabinet colleague Dominic Raab saying “no one gives a toss about social media “in relation to the row, Ms Morgan added: “The header said clearly it was by CCHQ, it said CCHQ press” and said she thought most people would be aware what that abbreviation means and that the account was run by the Conservative party head office.

She said: “I thought it was fine.

“But the real job of an election is on the ground, not on social media, and that’s what we’re doing here.”

Bosses at Twitter said it though the change was an attempt to mislead the public and promised action against the party if it tried it again.