Voters in Swindon will have to carry on going to the polling station nearly every year.

A proposal to change from the current system of an election for Swindon Borough Council every year for three out of four years was defeated despite a majority of councillors voting for it.

Yesterday's meeting had been called specially to decide on a proposals put forward by Conservative council leader David Renard to move from the current system to all out elections – where all 57 councillors are elected for four years in one go.

The proposal also included provision for changing wards from three-member wards to more two- and single-member wards.

The Conservative group had already decided to support the motion, which would normally be enough for it to pass. This measure needed a two-thirds majority of 53 councillors present – 36 – for it to be adopted.

While 30 Conservative and one Liberal Democrat councillors voted for it, 22 Labour councillors voted against, meaning the motion was defeated.