Billions of pounds to be spent on battling climate change and addressing the issues of NHS mental health treatment are headline-grabbing items in the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto.

But stopping Brexit is the main focus for the party which is fielding candidates in both Swindon constituencies.

Stan Pajak says he is the only one of the three contenders in the South Swindon constituency with that as a policy plank.

Lib Dems leader Jo Swinson said a government led by her would simply cancel the Brexit process and keep Britain in the EU.

She said if she was prime minister on December 13 then £100 billion would be spent on tackling climate change over the next five years and a further £11bn to improve NHS treatment of mental illness.

Money would be found for the NHS and social care by a penny increase on council tax.

Mr Pajak said: “A vote for me is the clear way to stop Brexit and fight the climate emergency.”

“We have set out a clear plan to tackle the climate crisis,this includes a new £10bn renewable power fund to leverage in over £100 billion of extra private climate investment. This will fast-track deployment of clean energy, to make Britain not just the world leader in offshore wind, but also the global number one in tidal power too.”

Katie Critchlow, who is fighting for the North Swindon seat, added: “The Tory status quo isn’t working. We need radical change but the people are tired of empty Tory promises and local businesses fear Labour’s wholesale rejection of capitalism. Our ideas are big but considered, deliverable and fair.

“We’ll radically reform capitalism by holding companies to account for their impacts on people and planet. However, we fundamentally believe in the power of business to drive our economy and solve the climate crisis – we will help good business to thrive through more funding for green innovation and by making the UK a great place to invest again by stopping Brexit.

“We’d radically reform politics through changes to the voting system, which will rid us of our toxic, polarising system. We also need better local democracy – we’ll put more power and funding in the hands of local councils.”

Ms Critchlow is standing against Conservative Justin Tomlinson, Labour’s Kate Linnegar and Green Andy Bentley. Mr Pajak’s opponents are Tory Robert Buckland and Labour’s Sarah Church.